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 Osborne QTVR page

The following QTVR object movies are especially for the technophiles. They allow you to rotate the image so as to view the objects from many angles. Each movie is played in its own page. Pan by holding down the mouse button and moving the mouse left or right.

To view the following movies you will need to download the proper viewer for your platform.


Osborne Firefinder Imaged in our studio, the resultant finder object movie has two different angles of view, near oblique and near vertical.

736 KB


Osborne Panoramic Camera We borrowed one of the nonoperational cameras and VR'ed (Virtual Reality) it in our studio. The resultant object movie allows you to rotate the camera in any of 36 different view points.

544 KB


We have created several variations of linked nodes and object movies of standing lookouts, each has its own character.

Bull of the Woods, Mt. Hood 14 This lookout is the same as the majority of those built in Region 6 in the 1930's, the L-4 model. It sits on a 10-foot tower. As you can see, its condition is less than satisfactory; many of the windows are broken, the shutters in disrepair.

This prototype QTVR scene (linked object and node movies) was taken June 30, 1997 by Rob Hoeye of IamWho Panoramic Imaging. The object movie is inferior from two aspects: it only has 18 frames, making it jumpy, and the single angle view is below the main floor level (following the contour of the surrounding terrain) making the rotation undulate. Click on the stairs to go inside the lookout, the door to get back outside, on the roof to see an unobstructed panorama of the area.

704 KB
Sand Mountain, Willamette 63 This pair of pano's, one outside and one inside, is of the first lookout registered on the National Historic Lookout Registry.

Click on the lookout to enter and the door to exit.

1.2 MB
Gold Butte, Willamette 22 The first lookout we VR'ed. Rob's father manned it in 1959. Sand Mountain Society began renovation/restoration summer 1999.

This two-node movie allows you to stand either outside to the south or inside the lookout. Click on the door to enter and exit the building.

416 KB

QTVR Used as an Illustrative Comparison Mechanism

Dome Rock, Willamette 15 In 1996, we received our first scanning of a set of photos. We had just taken a panoramic photo from the same place, however, having copies ofthe originals would have alerted us to the actual height and positions that our camera needed to be to match the originals. As it is, we took our photo with the assumption that the original had been taken from the roof of a ground-house. This was an incorrect assumption, however, the resultant comparative movie is quite interesting.

Click in any direction and the image will toggle between 1933 and 1996. Keep your cursor in the center of the frame when toggling to avoid "stepping" around the pano's.

1.2 MB

These movies are QT V3.0 format and require the latest (Jan98) QT runtime and plugin.
QuickTime and the QuickTime Logo are trademarks used under license.

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