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Related Documents included on this disk

The following documents are included on the CD for your edification.
Some were created by Rob Hoeye, Principal Developer, IamWho Panoramic Imaging.
Others are OCR'ed electronic copies of the original document.
All are in Adobe PDF file format.
You will need the latest Acrobat Reader. Get a copy from www.adobe.com.
The ability to print and copy text from them is set to protect the copyright of the original authors.

Overview IPI's overview of the Images and this CD. 32KB

We Climbed the Highest Mountains A pamphlet published in 1985 by Albert Arnst, one of the principal implementers of the original project, explains the project, the camera and the results. It is quite large because of the extensive use of photographs. 1.7MB

Osborne Firefinder Use Guide From Six Rivers N.F., Pacific Southwest Region (R5), this document explains the operation of the companion Osborne Firefinder with vertical angle sighting capability. 388KB

Osborne Panoramic Camera Operators Manual It is interesting for those who want to understand the techniques used to shoot the images, and the potential inaccuracies existent in each image. 156KB

Technical White Paper IPI's paper about the various ways of using the Osborne Panoramic CD's that will produce results such as research, analysis, and comparison/contrast of land cover, biogeography, hydrology, and geology for Oregon and Washington. Since this paper has more to do with the academic version of this product, it is available on line. online

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